Shapes for Kids

Shapes for Kids: It is very helpful to teach your child about shapes because they can greatly improve their communication skills. You can use it to help your child describe objects verbally and also to help them draw better.

Kids with the ability to observe are better able to learn. As a parent, you need to take small steps while teaching your preschooler.

Children are influenced by basic shapes and colors. Through observation of the objects around them, they try to understand their surroundings.

Shapes can be learned through all kinds of objects and structures. Children should be introduced to different shapes at an early age by their parents.

Kids can learn basic shapes through various kindergarten-related activities.

Each shape holds significance and certain properties, and we are constantly surrounded by objects of different shapes.

When you look at a chocolate box, it resembles a rectangle, and each piece of chocolate appears square. Therefore, understanding the properties of each shape and distinguishing between them is of vital importance.

The following tips will help you identify shapes using their properties by looking over various shapes.

Different Types of Shapes for Kids

Shapes ImageName of ShapesNumber of Sides
 CircleCircleNo Sides
 Triangle 1Triangle3 Sides
 SquareSquare4 Sides
 Rectangle 1Rectangle4 Sides 
 Heart 1HeartNo Sides
 DiamondDiamond4 Sides
 Arrow 1Arrow7 Sides
 Star 1Star10 Sides
PentagonPentagon5 Sides
Hexagon6 Sides
OctagonOctagon8 Sides
MoonMoonNo Sides
ParallelogramParallelogram4 Sides
TrapezoidTrapezoid4 Sides

Shapes for Kids PDF

Shapes Chart of Kids

Shapes for kids

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