30 Grams to Tablespoons

Learn the process of how to quickly and efficiently convert 30g to tablespoons. Therefore, how many tablespoons are there in 30 grams?

30 Grams to Tablespoons
Grams to Tablespoons Converter

Grams to Tablespoons Converter

How Many Tablespoons in 30 Grams?

30 Grams is Equal to 2 Tablespoons

Tablespoon abbreviation – tbsp
Grams abbreviation – g

so, 30 g = 2 tbsp

How to Calculate 30 grams to Tablespoons

formula, 1 tabsp = 15 grams

so, 15 g = 1 tabsp

1g = 1/15
30g = 1/15*30
= 30/15
= 2 tbsp

Therefore, 30 g is equal to 2 tbsp.

Grams to Tablespoons Conversion List

1 g0.067 or 1/15 tbsp
2 g0.133 or 2/15 tbsp
3 g0.2 or 1/5 tbsp
4 g0.267 or 4/15 tbsp
5 g0.333 or 1/3 tbsp
6 g0.4 or 2/5 tbsp
7 g0.467 or 7/15 tbsp
8 g0.533 or 8 /15 tbsp
9 g0.6 or 3/15 tbsp
10 g0.667 or 2/3 tbsp
20 g1.333 tbsp
30 g2 tbsp
40 g2.667 tbsp
50 g3.333 tbsp
60 g4 tbsp
70 g4.667 tbsp
80 g5.333 tbsp
90 g5 tbsp
100 g6.667 tbsp
1000 g66.667 tbsp

Tablespoon to Gram Conversions for Ingredients

Conversions from grams to tablespoons vary depending on the density of the individual ingredients. Because a tablespoon is a unit of volume and a gram is a unit of weight, this conversion is not always evident.

Let’s use a tablespoon of sugar as an example. Instead of the usual 15 grams per tablespoon, 1 tablespoon would have 12.6 grams of sugar. Because the additional sugar is less dense, fewer grams are required to equal one tablespoon.

Because the additional sugar is less dense, fewer grams are required to equal one tablespoon.

The following is a list of common ingredients with their volume measurements and conversion tables from grams to tablespoons:

Name of Ingredient1 Tablespoon (tbsp) equals
Sugar12.6 g
Water14.79 g
Honey21 g
Flour7.83 g
Milk15.3 g
Baking Powder13.32 g
Butter14.19 g
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