Algebra Formulas for Class 8

Algebra Formulas for Class 8: One of the core areas of mathematics is algebra, where quantities and numbers are represented by common symbols and letters in equations and formulas.

Algebra Formulas for Class 8

Modern algebra or abstract algebra refers to the more abstract portions of algebra whereas elementary algebra refers to the more basic portions.

Since it covers everything from basic equation solving to the study of abstractions like rings, groups, and fields, algebra is immensely significant.

List of Class 8 algebra formulas

For class 8, the CBSE introduces algebraic expressions and identities. This is a slightly challenging chapter where you must memorize all the formulas and use them appropriately.

Algebra Formulas Class 8

We think that this page provides class 8 algebraic identities and formulas. These formulas will facilitate speedy learning and enable quick glances when necessary.

(a+b)2= a2+ 2ab +b2 

(a-b)2= a2– 2ab +b2

(a+b)(a-b)= a2-b2

(x+a)(x+b)= x2+ (a+b)x+ab

(x+a)(x-b)= x2+ (a-b)x-ab

(x-a)(x+b)= x2+ (b-a)x-ab

(x-a)(x-b)= x2– (a+b)x+ab

(a+b)3= a3+ 3ab(a+b) +b3

(a-b)3= a3– 3ab(a-b) -b3

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